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Advertising on megasites (arches) 5x24 m in Saint-Petersburg

Megasites (arches) 5x24 m Megasites (arches) 5x24 m

Advertising examples on megasites

Large-format advertising surfaces with external lightning – “the bridges”, installed over the carriageway of large highways.
The standard sizes – 5x24 m.

There are installed on large highways with two and more lanes in one side. Arches are installed on the biggest highways with heavy traffic, they are good visible from a long distance and attract motorists’ attention, due to huge images, placed on them.

The average cost of advertising on megasites – 200000-250000 rubles per month.

The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month).

The address program. To see the location of megasites 5x24 m.

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Outdoor advertising in St.Peterburg and Leningrad region