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Road signs. Advertising on information road signs in Saint-Petersburg.

Реклама на уличных указателях Реклама на уличных указателях

Advertising examples on road signs

Advertising on road signs in SPb

The sizes of signs:

  • 275 × 845 mm
  • 370 × 840 mm
  • 1240 × 840 mm
  • 450 × 1240 mm
  • 950 × 1240 mm
  • 1450 × 1240 mm
  • 600 × 2000 mm
  • 1200 × 2000 mm
  • 500 × 1550 mm
  • 1000 × 1550 mm

The main advantages:

  • the advertising is available for citizens andguests of the city (wide audience),
  • considerableterritorialcoverage (the opportunity for choosing the necessary route to city’s districts)

We offer the road signs in all part of the city; make the selection of places on your demand.

There are advertising on road and information signs. The neighborhood with main information (the name of the street and the number of the house) gives the additional reliability to advertised product.

It is possible to place advertising on road sign’s field, and also to show the direction to offices, malls, restaurants and etc. The low cost allows at small investment carrying out the extensive and effective advertising campaign all over Sankt-Petersburg.

The promotional and informational field model for sign-pointer is produced with taking into account customers’ wish: design in any color, any type, it is possible to add a small picture, logotype.

The cost of advertising: on the average 7500 rub. / 2 sides per month, depending on location, the number of places in program.
The minimum placement’s term is 6 months.

The printing and production of advertising’s models are paid separately.

The address program. To see the road signs’ location.

The cost of printing - is 1100 rub. (1 pointer, 2 sides).

You can also accept the following advertising carriers:

Outdoor advertising in St.Peterburg and Leningrad region