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Home Advertising in Saint-Petersburg Streets Stub poles (pillars) 1,4 × 3 m

Advertising on pillars (street stub poles) 1,4x3 m in Saint-Petersburg

Размещение рекламы на тумбах 1,4×3 м Размещение рекламы на пилларах 1,4×3 м

Advertising examples on pillars

Advertising on pillars (stub poles) 1,4x3 m in SPb

Pillars or stub poles — are separately standing double- or three-sized advertising carriers with inner lightning.
The standard size — 1,4x3 m.

The pillars are located mainly in the central part of Saint-Petersburg and, due to their design, harmonize with architectural look of the city.
Advertising on pillars is most of all suitable for playbills, movies, concert halls, and also for advertising campaigns of brands’ advancement.

The cost of advertising on stub poles: 10000-17000 rub/ one side per month, depending on location, the number of places in program.
The printing and production of advertising’s models are paid separately.

The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month).

The address program. To see the pillars 1,4x3 m location

The cost on the paper is 1400 rubles.

Технические требования к постерам формата 1,4×3 м.

Требование к бумажным постерам:

  • Материал: бумага, плотность материала 150 г/м2, печать в 2 или 3 фрагмента;
  • Цветность 4+2;
  • Размер постера – 1405х2915 мм;
  • Запечатываемое поле – 1405х2915 мм;
  • Границы информационного поля (текст, адреса, телефоны и т.п.) – 1335х2845 мм, относительно центра постера.

You can order the production of original-models and preprinting preparation in our studio.

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