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Advertising on supersites 5x12 m in Saint-Petersburg

Supersites 5x12 m Supersites 5x12 m

Advertising examples on supersites

When it is necessary to achieve recognition of trademark, to allocate goods from the mass of the same category, are used not standard advertising constructions of large sizes, such as supersites.
The large-format separately standing constructions with external and inner lightning. The standard sizes – 5x12 m, 5x15 m. Supersites are settled down on the main transport highways and ring highways. They are dominated over other advertising formats, because of large sizes.

The average cost of placement: the board 5x12 m, 110000 – 150000 rubles / 1 side per month. The production of advertising materials is paid separately.

The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month).

The address program. To see the supersites’ location.

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Outdoor advertising in St.Peterburg and Leningrad region