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in Saint-Petersburg
and Leningrad Oblast

Outdoor advertising in Saint-Petersburg

The outdoor advertising in Saint-Petersburg includes the advertising not only on the streets and squares, but also on a transport, in the airports, at the stations, at the AGS (Automobile gas station), in the shopping centers and etc. The different types of carriers allow advertising practically in any part of the city, including the historical center. HideMore

Outdoor advertising on main street advertising carriers

Our company places the outdoor advertising on different street advertising carriers of Saint-Petersburg, among which are following:

megasites (arches) 5х24 m, supersites 5х12 m, billboards 3х6 m, city boards 2,6х3,6 m, pillars, city formats 1,2х1,8 m, advertising racks 1,2х0,8 m, poster designs, road signs.

Advertising’s places

Our opportunities can help you to advertise in places, which allow the most effectively to inform the target audience about its contents: on the streets, in the airports (Pulkovo 1, Pulkovo 2), at the stations and adjacent territories (Moscovskiy,Vitebskiy, Baltiskiy, Ladozhskiy, Finlandskiy), on the transports, in the malls and affiliated retailers, at the AGS and etc. And also on video panels: on the streets of St. Petersburg, in shopping malls and route transport.

Advertising in the Leningrad Oblast

The placement of outdoor advertising in the Leningrad Oblast includes accommodation on highways (along highways, highways, roads, gas stations), in the suburbs of St. Petersburg (including when entering and leaving the city), in towns and settlements of the Leningrad Oblast.

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Production of advertising construction

Our company produces advertising constructions of different types: billboards, arches,supersites, stub poles and also fiber glasses construction, stopping pavilions, city formats. We provide the full list of services, connected with the production of advertising constructions: the development of project documentation, the installation of constructions; and carry out all necessary coordination during the work.

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