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Advertising on city boards 2,7×3,7 m

City board — is the separately standing dynamic advertising constructions (scrollers) with inner lightning. This kind of advertising carriers, as city formats, are installed on pedestrian areas in central part of the city; they are good visible for pedestrians and motorists. Sufficiently large size of advertising field – 2,7×3,7 m, availability of two sides, on each is possibly to place to 5 posters, the high printing quality of advertising posters, the original design of constructions and the dynamics are attracted for attention of passing by motorists and pedestrians. Advertising on city boards in combination with other advertising carriers (for example, city formats, poles) allow to cover a great number of advertising fields all over the city and give the opportunity for carrying out the scale advertising campaign.

Advertising on city boards
Examples of advertising on city-boards
Advertising on city boards
The address program. To see the city boards 2,7×3,7 m location.
Адрес, GID Поверхность Пример
Восстания пл. / гост. "Октябрьская", 0027А2 А
Восстания пл. / гост. "Октябрьская", 0027Б Б
Каменноостровский пр-т напр. д. 81, 0004А2 А
Кирочная ул. / Таврическая ул., 0022Б1 Б
Лиговский пр-т / гост. "Октябрьская", 0026А1 А
Лиговский пр-т / гост. "Октябрьская", 0026Б Б
Лиговский пр-т / Московский пр-т, 0012А4 А
Московский пр-т 116, 0014А2 А
Невский пр-т 39 поз. 1, 0008А1 А
Невский пр-т 39 поз. 1, 0008А4 А
Невский пр-т 39 поз. 2, 0009А3 А
Робеспьера наб. / Потемкинская ул., 0018А2 А

The cost of advertising on city boards

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month 25 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location
  • The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month)
  • The production of advertising materials is paid separately. The cost of printing on paper is 1,000 rubles, on the film for the scroller is 1,000 rubles.

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