Advertising on city formats 1,2×1,8 m. Advertising on Saint-Petersburg’s stops.

The standard sizes of city formats, light posters — 1,2×1,8 m.City formats (poles) — are the separately standing advertising constructions with inner lightning of three kinds:

реклама на отдельно стоящих пилонах
1. Separately standing poles- static
реклама на отдельно стоящих пилонах - скроллерах
2. Separately standing poles - scrollers
реклама на остановках, остоновочных павильонах
3. Stopping pavilion (stops)
  • Pylon
  • Stops
City-format, advertising pylon 1,2×1,8 m
Example advertising on city-formats

Advertising on city formats

City formats install on busy parts of the city, that’s why they can be seen both pedestrians and motorists. Sufficiently big size of advertising field, the inner lightning, the location, the high quality of pullers’ printing in combination with successful creative easily attract the attention of potential customer. Exactly this is doing city formats advertising themost attractive.

Advertising at stops
Example advertising at stops

Advertising on stop public conveyances in Saint-Petersburg

Advertising on stops is the most popular kind of advertising, which is in favor of advertisers. The target audience long contact (pedestrians, motor transport passengers) with advertising carriers allow effectively carrying information about goods and services. We offer a great number of advertising fields all over the city.

The cost of advertising on city-formats

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month 6 500 - 22 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location
  • The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month)
  • The production of advertising materials is paid separately. The cost of printing on paper is 1,000 rubles, on the film for the scroller is 1,000 rubles.

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