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Advertising on pillars (street stub poles) 1,4×3 m

Pillars or advertising curbstones are freestanding two- or three-sided advertising structures with internal illumination. The standard sizes are 1.4×3 m. Pillars are located mainly in the central part of St. Petersburg and, thanks to their design, blend harmoniously with the architectural appearance of the city. Placement of advertising on the pillars is most suitable for posters of theaters, cinemas, concert halls, as well as for promotional campaigns for the promotion of brands.

Advertising on pillars
Advertising examples on pillars
Advertising on stub poles

The cost of advertising on stub poles

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month 12 000 - 22 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location
  • The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month)
  • The production of advertising materials is paid separately. The cost of printing on paper is 1,000 rubles, on the film for the scroller is 1,400 rubles.

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