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Advertising in Leningrad region

The outdoor advertising in Leningrad region is also in a great demand on the advertising market. Outdoor SPb places advertising on the main types of constructions: supersites 5x12 m, billboards 3x6 m, city formats 1,2x1,8 m. The outdoor advertising in suburbs of Saint-Petersburg (in accuracy at the entrance and departure of the city) and Leningrad region.

Advertising front view in Leningrad region

We offer advertising on bilboards on the side of intercity and regional roads : KAD SPb (the city'ss ring-road), Rossia (Moscowskoe shosse), Skandinavia (Primorskoe, Viborgskoe shosse), Pskov (Kievskoe shosse), Narva (Tallinskoe shosse), Kola (Murmanskoe shosse), Sortavala (Priozerskoe shosse), on walls and roofs in St.-Petersburg suburbs and Leningrad region in regional centers/ towns (Viborg, Gatchina, Kirishi, Vsevolojsk, Priozersk, Luga, Pushkin, Petrodvorec, Pavlovsk, Sestroreck, Zelenogorsk, Sosnovii bor, Tosno)