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Advertising on brandmauers

Brandmauer is large-format not standard advertising construction, placing on walls, on front view of houses and buildings (also are called wall panels). Advertising on walls can be static or dynamic (with chancing images – prismavision, prisma). Brandmauers have a large form, located in crowded places, on the squares, along prospects and streets with heavy traffic. They are often used by major companies for image advertising. The advertising cost on brandmauers depends on location, the size of advertising field, the price of advertising carries production and assembling.

Advertising on brandmauers
Examples of advertising on firewalls (wall panels)
Advertising on wall panels

The address program. To see the location of brandmauers.

Адрес рекламоносителя Размер, м
Загородный пр., д. 45 4,9×11
наб. Обводного канала, д. 124 (призма) 12×9,5
7 линия В.О. / Средний пр. (призма) 15×30
Большой проспект В.О., д. 102 / площадь Морской Славы 10,5×12,5
Красногвардейская площадь, Малоохтинская набережная, Охта-Центр 8×625
Лиговский пр., д. 272 (призма) 11×9,5
Московский проспект, д. 91 7,5×17,8
Каменноостровский пр. / наб. реки Карповки 45×5
  • The cost of advertising on firewalls depends on the location, the size of the advertising field, the price of manufacturing advertising media and installation.
  • The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month).

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