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Advertising on boards (billboards) 3×6 m

The boards are located on the streets and squares of the city, roads and highways, embankments, near with the malls. Reasonable price and great number of advertising fields all over the city give the chance to carry out the scale advertising campaign. A line from some boards allows covering the most important city transport arteries, reaching effect of repeatability and attracting target audience.

  • Billboards
  • Prismavision
Shield, billboard 3×6 m
Example of advertising on billboards

Advertising on boards

Board (billboard) — is the most popular kind of advertising carriers all over the world. These are one- or double-sized advertising constructions, separately standing or sometimes located on walls of buildings. Literally in translation into Russia, billboard is the “announcement board”. The widespread format of billboards is the board 3x6, boards 3x12 m are used rare. Boards of format 3x6 m are comfortable and easy in producing, and always visible, due to inner lightning and installing in places with good view and intensive transport and pedestrian streams.

The cost of advertising on the billboards

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month 35 000 - 110 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location
  • The arrangement is possibly only on calendar months (from 1 to 30/31 day of a month)
  • The production of advertising materials is paid separately.
Advertising on prismavision
Example of advertising on prizmavizhn

Advertising on prismavision

Exists the constructions, named “prismavision”, which allow demonstrating of some advertising surfacesby chancing of images, besides boards with stationary advertising carriers (banners or posters).

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