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Advertising on consoles (panel-arms) in Saint-Petersburg. Advertising on columns.

Panel-arms or consoles are double-sized advertising constructions, installed on panel-arms at right angle of the wall or support (column). They are existed with external and inner lightning, and also without it. The standard sizes – 1,2×0,8 m and 1,2×1,8 m. Consoles are located usually on columns of street lightning along with highways, on flyovers and bridges. This kind of advertising carrier is suitable for advertising of events with certain time frames – holidays, concerts, exhibitions, special events. Besides for advertising brand-news. Advertising on columns, despite of small format, can be effective because of consecutive placement. The repetition of advertising information guarantees the memorability of advertised product.

Advertising on consoles
Examples of advertising on consoles
Advertising on panel-arms

The cost of placement

Type of carrier Format, m Cost
per month for 6 months *
Panel-arm, without light 0,8×1,2 13 000 78 000
0,6×1,8 13 000 78 000
1,2×1,8 20 000 120 000
Panel-arm, with light 0,8×1,23 16 000 96 000
1,2×1,8 28 000 168 000
  • VAT is not subjected
  • Agreement, integrity guarantee and safety of appearance are entered into the cost
  • *The minimum term of placement is 6 months.

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