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Road signs. Advertising on information road signs.

Advertising on indexes includes the placement of advertisements on road and information signs. The proximity to the basic information (street name and house number) adds additional credibility to the advertised product. On the advertising field of pointers you can place advertising, as well as show the direction of traffic to offices, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. The low cost of accommodation allows for a small investment to carry out an extensive and effective advertising campaign throughout St. Petersburg. The mock-up of the advertising information field for the arrow pointer is made taking into account the wishes of the customer: design in any color range, any fonts, you can add a small picture, logo.

  • Road signs
  • Direction signs
Advertising on street signs
Advertising examples on road signs

Advertising on street signs

The sizes of signs (mm):

275×845 370×840 1 240×840 450×1 240 950×1 240 1 450×1 240 600×2 000 1 200×2 000 500×1 550 1 000×1 550

The main advantages: advertising is available to residents and visitors of the city (wide audience), significant territorial coverage (the ability to choose the necessary routes for certain areas of the city). We offer pointers in all areas of the city, a selection on request.

The cost of advertising on street signs

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month from 8 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location and the number of seats in the program.
  • The minimum period of placement is 6 months.
  • Printing and production of advertising models is paid separately. The cost of printing - 1 100 rubles. (1 arrow, 2 sides).
advertising on road signs
Example of advertising on road signs

Advertising on road signs

The cost of advertising on road signs (direction indicators) includes: development of the original layout; Coordination of accommodation schemes with the traffic police and GOODODD; Preparation of permissive documentation; Manufacturing and installation; Service of the sign.

The cost of advertising on road signs (direction signs)

The sizes of signs (mm) Cost Example
1 500×510 / 1 500×170 70 000
1 500×1 020 / 1 500×340 85 000
1 500×1 530 / 1 500×510 100 000
    Conditions for placing advertisements on road signs (direction signs):
  • Term of coordination - 3 working days.
  • Production time - 5 working days.

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