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Advertising on light posters (street posts) 1,2 × 0,8 m

Light poster – is a separately standing on one staddle double-sized advertising carrier with inner lightning. The standard size – 1,2×0,8 m. The often are called the posts. The location of street posts: on the wide pedestrian streets, pavements and squares, about metro stations, nearby trade marts. This kind of advertising is suitable for brand-new perfumery and cosmetic productions, clothes collection, opening of new bars and restaurants, shops and etc. Despite of small format, the posts advertising can be effective because of placing on several advertising carriers nearby one metro station or the shopping center. The repetition of advertising information guarantees the memorability of advertised product.

Advertising on lightposters
Advertising on lightposters (street posts)
Advertising on street posts

The cost of advertising on lightposters

Term of placement Cost
1 side per month 16 000 - 45 000 rubles
  • The price depends on the location and the number of seats in the program.
  • Printing and production of advertising models is paid separately. The cost of printing on a transfer film is 1500 rubles.

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